Implementations by Phenotype

Title Phenotype Institution Algorithm Type Total Casessort descending Total Controls PPV Sensitivity
CKD_Mayo Clinic Chronic Kidney Disease Mayo Clinic Case, Control
DR Vanderbilt Implementation Diabetic Retinopathy Vanderbilt University Case, Control 68%, 100%
Geisinger Implementation Statins and MACE Geisinger Case, Control
PAD Mayo Implementation Peripheral Arterial Disease - 2012 Mayo Clinic Case Only 91% 86%
Sickle Cell Children's Hospital of Wisconsin Implementation Sickle Cell Disease Children's Hospital of Wisconsin Case Only 99% 99%
Vanderbilt implementation Clostridium Difficile Colitis Case, Control 100%, 100%
Geisinger Impl Depression Geisinger Case, Control
Healthy Weight-Columbia MidSouth CDRN - Healthy Weight Algorithm Columbia University Case Only
Validation of ACEi-induced cough algorithm ACE Inhibitor (ACE-I) induced cough Mayo Clinic Case, Control 100%, 96%
GH/UW Implementation Appendicitis Case, Control 0 1,761
Intellectual Disability_Columbia Intellectual Disability Columbia University Case, Control 1 2,110
CHOP implementation Case 2 Appendicitis CHOP Case Only 2 50%
Epilepsy Part I - Columbia Epilepsy/Antiepileptic drug response algorithm Columbia University Case, Control 2 244
Early Childhood Obesity Implementation - Columbia Severe Early Childhood Obesity Columbia University Case, Control 2 3
CHOP case-post operative implementation Post-event Pain algorithm The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Case Only 2 100%
ADHD Implementation - Columbia ADHD phenotype algorithm Columbia University Case, Control 5 1,294
RA_Columbia Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) Columbia University Case, Control 8 2,793
AAA Implementation - Columbia Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm ( AAA ) Columbia University Case, Control 10 1,354
CHOP implementation Case 3 Appendicitis Case Only 10 50%
Marshfield Zoster implementation Herpes Zoster Marshfield Clinic Research Foundation Case, Control 10 10 100%, 100%
CHOP NAFLD Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NALFD) & Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (ALD) CHOP Case Only 12 100%
Harvard Intellectual Disability Intellectual Disability Case, Control 15 5,767
Appendicitis Case 1, Control Appendicitis Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center Case, Control 15 20 93%, 100%
ACEi Cough Implementation - Columbia ACE Inhibitor (ACE-I) induced cough Columbia University Case, Control 17 233
Columbia University - AFH Implementation Electronic Health Record-based Phenotyping Algorithm for Familial Hypercholesterolemia Columbia University Medical Center Case, Control 17 256