ADHD phenotype algorithm

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John Connolly
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Friday, September 20, 2013

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John Connolly. CHOP. ADHD phenotype algorithm. PheKB; 2013 Available from:


We have finished implementing the ADHD case and control algorithms and have a set of 80 cases, and 1580 controls. Baed on chart reviews of 98 potential cases defined by the algorithm, 80 cases were confirned for a PPV of 81.6%. Based on chart review of a random 30 cases defined by the control algorithm, 29 controls were confirmed for a PPV of 96.7%. We can send you a dataset with eMERGE ID, case/control status, race/ethnicity, and gender. Are there other variables that you need?  Should we submit this file on the PheKB site, or send it to you by email.  Beth


Hi Beth, thank you!

No other variables are necessary, with case/control, race/ethnicity and gender will be enough.

Is there a reason that the inclusionary medication list (Table 2) doesn't include dexamphetamine?