ACE Inhibitor (ACE-I) induced cough

ACE-I induced cough is a common side effect of use of ACE inhibitors, one of the most common class of antihypertensives.  The frequency of ACEI-induced cough varies based on ancestry.  A GWAS of ACEI cough using this algorithm in the eMERGE Network identified KCNIP4 as associated with this phenotype, which was validated in two replication cohorts. 

Cases are those with ACEI cough.  Controls are those exposed to ACEI without adverse events noted and not switched to angiotensin receptor blockers (ARBs).  

Algorithm validated - December 12, 2012.

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Jonathan Mosley and Josh Denny
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Wednesday, April 18, 2012
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Jonathan Mosley and Josh Denny . Vanderbilt University. ACE Inhibitor (ACE-I) induced cough. PheKB; 2012 Available from:

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    Hello all,

    Just a quick question. In the algorithm document, you listed having an "ARB" ever is an exclusion criteria. Does that apply to both cases and controls?

    Also, in the validation sheet, it was mentioned that it's ok for a control to be on both ARB and an ACEi but not switched from an ACEi to an ARB. Then an ARB is not a definite exclusion criteria for controls, right?


    Is it possible to provide a flow chart for EMRs with structured data?

    Thanks a lot,


    Submitted by Josh Denny on

    Use of an ARB is not an exclusion for cases, only controls. The control validation sheet has been updated since Hayan's comment based on his review, which found it was necessary to exclude ARB usage in controls during the validation.


    On the subject of the ARB exclusion for controls the validation guidelines say "Control has never been switched from ACEi to ARB. " is an exclusion.  I am fairly confident you meant to say 'ever' instead of 'never'  is that correct?




    We are nearing completion of our validation.  Our abstractor did have one more clarification question.  We have easy access to recent records (last ~5 years of EPIC) and more laborious access to records earlier than that.  If our abstractor finds a control taking an ACE-i for at least six months without a cough in the 'easy' period is that enough to validate?  In other words Can we assume that if patient had problem with ACE inhibitor in past, it would not be prescribed?



    I've prepared the analysis file as described in the data dictionary.  How shall I transfer the data?


    Hi Eric,

    Please use a secure transfer system - we like Data Hippo. You should send it to the primary site's lead(s), which in this case are Jonathan Mosely and Josh Denny (emails below), and to the Coordinating Center via Jacqueline Kirby (email below).




    Thank you!

    ~~~~ sarah




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