Implementations by Phenotype

Title Phenotype Institution Algorithm Type Total Cases Total Controlssort descending PPV Sensitivity
Validation of ACEi-induced cough algorithm ACE Inhibitor (ACE-I) induced cough Mayo Clinic Case, Control 100%, 96%
Sample Breast Cancer Case Only
CKD for NU WGS subjs Chronic Kidney Disease Northwestern University Case, Control
Marshfield Depression Implementation Depression Marshfield Clinic Research Institute Case Only
appendicitis CHOP eMERGE III Appendicitis CHOP Case, Control
Geisinger CRF P3 Implementation Cardiorespiratory Fitness Algorithm (eMERGE Mayo Network Phenotype) Geisinger Case Only
Diabetic Retinopathy-Columbia Diabetic Retinopathy Columbia University Case Only
PAD Northwestern Implementation Peripheral Arterial Disease - 2012 Northwestern University Case, Control 95%, 100% 100%, 82%
CCHMC BMI Implementation Body Mass Index (BMI) Case Only
CHOP AID Autoimmune Disease Phenotype CHOP Case, Control
Network Combined Dataset - Statins/MACE Statins and MACE Case, Control
Vanderbilt Implementation- Adult- BioVU- Emerge subset Pneumonia- VUMC eMERGE v5.1 Vanderbilt University Medical Center Case, Control
NU ACE Inhibitor (ACE-I) induced cough implementation ACE Inhibitor (ACE-I) induced cough Northwestern University The Feinberg School of Medicine Case, Control 100%, 98%
Vanderbilt University MC - Breast Cancer Breast Cancer Vanderbilt University Medical Center Case, Control
CHOP Depression Depression Case, Control
Columbia Clinical Data Warehouse DILI algorithm Implementation Drug Induced Liver Injury Columbia University Case, Control 32%, 100%
HDL Marshfield Implementation High-Density Lipoproteins (HDL) Marshfield Clinic Research Foundation Case Only 82% 92%
Geisinger Implemention Anxiety algorithm Geisinger Case, Control
Marshfield implementation caMRSA Marshfield Clinic Research Foundation Case, Control 100%, 100% 100%, 100%
RBC Marshfield Implementation Red Blood Cell Indices Marshfield Clinic Research Foundation Case Only 96% 87%
CHOP Type 1 Diabetes CHOP Case, Control
NU autoimmunity implementation Autoimmune Disease Phenotype Northwestern University Case, Control
CRS merged all sites CRS (Chronic Rhinosinusitis) Case, Control
Geisinger Implementation Statins and MACE Geisinger Case, Control
Geisinger_Breast_Cancer Breast Cancer Geisinger Case, Control