Implementations by Phenotype

Title Phenotype Institution Algorithm Type Total Casessort descending Total Controls PPV Sensitivity
Harvard Migraine Implementation Migraine Case, Control 647 5,734
Implementation of NAFLD by VUMC Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NALFD) & Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (ALD) VUMC Case, Control 677 15,878
Geisinger Impl Migraine Geisinger Case, Control 762 5,266
Group Halth/UW HF results as secondary site Heart Failure (HF) with Differentiation between Preserved and Reduced Ejection Fraction Group Health/UW Case, Control 771 1,010 96%, 100%
Harvard Implementation Appendicitis Case, Control 877 771
Harvard Implementation Diverticulosis and Diverticulitis Harvard Medical School Case, Control 884 770
Harvard Cardiorespiratory Fitness Algorithm (eMERGE Mayo Network Phenotype) Partners Healthcare Case Only 1,103
NU e3 Diverticulosis Diverticulosis and Diverticulitis Northwestern University Case, Control 1,273 1,211
NU CRF e3 update Cardiorespiratory Fitness Algorithm (eMERGE Mayo Network Phenotype) Northwestern University Case Only 1,572
VU Implementation Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) Phenotype Algorithm Vanderbilt University Case, Control 1,642 2,862
Geisinger eMERGE III Implementation CAAD (Carotid Artery Atherosclerosis Disease) Geisinger Case, Control 1,795 8,838
KPWA/UW (primary site) implementation Depression KPWA/UW Case, Control 1,999 4,268 100%, 100% 100%, 100%
KPWA/UW (primary site) implementation Depression Kaiser Permanente of Washington Health Research Institute Case, Control 1,999 4,268
CKD_Columbia University Chronic Kidney Disease Columbia University Case, Control 2,019 256
KPWA UW Hearing Loss Hearing Loss Case, Control 2,403 1,787
Appendicitis Mayo Clinic Implementation Appendicitis Mayo Clinic Case, Control 2,506 2,087
CKD_Columbia University_20200212 Chronic Kidney Disease Columbia University Case, Control 3,439 561
Mayo Clinic eMERGE III Implementation Diverticulosis and Diverticulitis Mayo Clinic Case, Control 3,679 2,459
KPWA Chronic Kidney Disease Chronic Kidney Disease Case, Control 4,687 1,198
Network Combined Dataset - Diverticulosis Diverticulosis and Diverticulitis Case, Control 6,173 4,969
Harvard - AID Implementation Autoimmune Disease Phenotype Case, Control 6,298 5,389
Harvard CKD Implementation Chronic Kidney Disease Case, Control 8,192 4,177
aggregate major depression case control file Depression Case, Control 9,852 69,136