Implementations by Phenotype

Title Phenotype Institution Algorithm Type Total Cases Total Controls PPVsort descending Sensitivity
VUMC CRF E3 Cardiorespiratory Fitness Algorithm (eMERGE Mayo Network Phenotype) Vanderbilt University Medical Center Case Only
Columbia CUMC implementation Anxiety algorithm Columbia University Medical Center Case, Control
Consistent Care-Columbia Consistent Care Columbia University Case Only
Epilepsy Part I - Columbia Epilepsy/Antiepileptic drug response algorithm Columbia University Case, Control 2 244
VUMC_BMI Body Mass Index (BMI) VUMC Case Only
Marshfield Clinic Research Institute - Autoimmune Implementation Autoimmune Disease Phenotype Marshfield Clinic Research Institute Case, Control
Harvard CRS CRS (Chronic Rhinosinusitis) Harvard Medical School Case, Control 180 7,120
Autism Implementation - Columbia Autism Columbia University Case, Control 3,084
Resistant hypertension Implementation - Columbia Resistant hypertension Columbia University Case, Control 249 1,031
Harvard Intellectual Disability Intellectual Disability Case, Control 15 5,767
NU migraine for eMERGEseq population Migraine Northwestern University Case, Control
Atopic Dermatitis - Harvard Atopic Dermatitis Algorithm Harvard Medical School Case, Control 72 1,037
Clopidogrel Poor Metabolizers-Columbia Clopidogrel Poor Metabolizers Columbia University Case Only
MCRI - Breast CA Implementation Breast Cancer Case Only
CKD for NU eMERGEseq subjs Chronic Kidney Disease Northwestern University Case, Control
Nortwestern University e3 Implementation CAAD (Carotid Artery Atherosclerosis Disease) Northwestern University Case, Control 48 133
GHUW Diverticulitis Diverticulosis and Diverticulitis GHRI/UW Case, Control
Emerge III Implementation Appendicitis Geisinger Case, Control 30 13,032
NU CRF e3 update Cardiorespiratory Fitness Algorithm (eMERGE Mayo Network Phenotype) Northwestern University Case Only 1,572
Dementia Implementation - Columbia Dementia Columbia University Case Only 137
Harvard Anxiety Anxiety algorithm Case Only
Geisinger Implementation Epilepsy/Antiepileptic drug response algorithm Geisinger Case, Control 61 6,414
Vanderbilt Implementation of Heart Failure Heart Failure (HF) with Differentiation between Preserved and Reduced Ejection Fraction Vanderbilt University Case Only
Lipids Implementation - Columbia Lipids Columbia University Case Only
NU BMI for PRS Body Mass Index (BMI) Northwestern University Case, Control