Implementations by Phenotype

Title Phenotype Institution Algorithm Type Total Cases Total Controlssort descending PPV Sensitivity
CHOP implementation Case 1 and Controls Appendicitis CHOP Case, Control 86%, 100%
Mayo clinic hearing loss implementation Hearing Loss Mayo Clinic Case, Control
CHOP Part II- NONRESPONDERS Epilepsy/Antiepileptic drug response algorithm CHOP Case Only 85%
Cataracts Vanderbilt Implementation Cataracts Vanderbilt University Case Only 96%
CHOP eMERGE III Migraine CHOP Case, Control
Hypothyroidism Vanderbilt Implementation Hypothyroidism Vanderbilt University Case, Control 98%, 100%
CHOP Pneumonia Pneumonia- VUMC eMERGE v5.1 CHOP Case, Control
WBC Marshfield Implementation White Blood Cell Indices Marshfield Clinic Research Foundation Case Only 90% 88%
Demonstration Project RA Implementation Rheumatoid Arthritis - Demonstration Project Vanderbilt University Case, Control 97%, 100%
CHOP implementation Case 2 Appendicitis CHOP Case Only 2 50%
Geisinger eMERGE3 Combined Implementation Diverticulosis and Diverticulitis Geisinger Case, Control 97%, 94%
CHOP Part II- RESPONDERS Epilepsy/Antiepileptic drug response algorithm Case Only 85%
Mayo implementation Cardiorespiratory Fitness Algorithm (eMERGE Mayo Network Phenotype) Mayo Clinic Case Only
Cataracts-Columbia Cataracts Columbia University Case Only
Dementia Marshfield Implementation Dementia Marshfield Clinic Research Foundation Case, Control 90%, 97% 37%, 99%
CCHMC Primary Validation Migraine Case Only 92%
WBC Northwestern Implementation White Blood Cell Indices Northwestern University Case Only 85% 100%
Harvard - Depression Implementation Depression Case Only
Demonstration Project MS Implementation Multiple Sclerosis - Demonstration Project Vanderbilt University Case, Control 87%, 100%
Northwestern Anxiety Anxiety algorithm Northwestern University Case, Control
CHOP implementation Case 3 Appendicitis Case Only 10 50%
Northwestern University Implementation Hearing Loss Northwestern University Case, Control
CCHMC - PART 1 Epilepsy/Antiepileptic drug response algorithm Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center Case Only 129 86%
Validation Cardiorespiratory Fitness Algorithm (eMERGE Mayo Network Phenotype) Geisinger Case Only
Dementia GHC Implementation Dementia Group Health Cooperative Case Only 73% 55%